Sunday, 3 November 2013

Contest Result

Thanks to the following people who entered the Win game key for secret world.

aov ideos
Randle McMurphy
Emily Justice P.I.
Alexey Belobrov

And the winner was... LadyUtena please send me some an email address at

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Win a game key for The Secret World

To have a chance of winning a game key for The Secret World all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post or send me a direct message through Twitter to @OneShard.

I only have 1 key to give away so I’ll pick someone at random from all the entrants. The closing date will be Sunday 3rd November 8 PM GMT.

The comment or message should be a promise that if you win the key you will to try and get a friend to play by sending them a buddy key. I cannot force you to invite a friend or even check so I’ll just leave it to your conscience that you will keep the promise.

This competition is not linked to Funcom in anyway. I am just a player who loves the game and would like to see it grow so bought an extra copy of the game and I now have a key to give away. If you win you will just need to register the key at

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The end of War

So it is the end of War, and it has struck me harder than I thought it would. It was the reason this blog started and I met a lot of great people. It is still in my top 3 MMO's and provided me with some of my best memories in a computer game. It made me realised I actually like PvP and made me realise MMO's are very much about the shared experience.

I think part of the sadness is I always had it in my mind to revisit Hellichoppa and now that is no longer the case. Before the end, I'll log back into the game just to have a look round.

You had so much potential War, it could have been so different with more funding and continued development.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Secret World end of world/subscription.

So it is exciting times in the Secret World with the onset of the end of the world and going 'buy to play'. As a life time subscriber I am quite happy with the move. I love my subscription model but we still have the barrier of the box price, so players have to invest something to play the game.

Funcom have also said they expect the points to cover the price of the content they release and on top of that I get cool items each month. When I bought the grand master pack I knew it was a gamble, and I bought it to support the game I love as much as to cover a subscription.

So at the moment I am very positive as I think this will help Funcom continue to create content. It also convinced a few of my friends to try the game now the barrier of subscription is no longer an obstacle. This seems to be mirrored in the charts on Steam and Amazon as the game is selling well.

As for in-game I have completed the elite dungeon runs and managed to complete the gate keeper as a DPS. After listening to guild members on team speak and reading guild chat I was dreading it. For those who do not know its a gear/skill check for nightmare dungeons. The DPS flavour makes sure you can win a DPS race, cleanse abilities all while dodging attacks. The fight is a lot of fun but difficult. I was very please once I managed to complete it and gave myself a high five.

Friday, 2 November 2012

A new end game?

Since reaching the end of the story I have been involved in my own version of the end game. I eventually want to progress into nightmare dungeons, but for now I am happy with doing the following:

  • Picking up quests I missed and running newer quests from issues.
  • Running elite dungeons when I can get a cabal group together.
  • Making builds with and trying out different weapons and roles. This is my primary end-game at the moment. Throwing myself into pugs with different heal and DPS builds and seeing if I can get through them without getting shouted at. As far as healing I am trying the classic monk build and also the leech healing assault rifle builds. With a side order of looking what it takes to be a tank. Issue 4 looks like it will give tanks a wider ranging to experiment, with the changes to exposed planned. Seeing the other roles within the game is also helping me becoming a better DPS player.
  • Running the odd lair.

As a casual player I love the way the Secret World has eliminated daily quests in letting me replay almost any mission. Instead of being stuck to a set of daily quests I can login for an hour and go to any zone and just revisit my favourite places.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween delights

The Halloween content has hit the Secret World and I spent most of Thursday night running through it. It takes you back to Kingsmouth and you get to visit some old friends Madame RogĂȘt and Deputy Andy. As in all missions in the Secret World the characters are fully fleshed out and they live and breathe on the screen. The play between RogĂȘt and Andy had me thinking “Oh no she didn’t!!! *finger waving* Sandy is not going to be happy!” We even get back-story on Deputy Andy’s cats!

If I could sum-up the new content it would be flavour and depth. From the cats with thick Mexican accents to hints dropped for future story. I also loved going back to Kingsmouth and travelling across multiple zones. I think Kingsmouth is my favourite zone in any MMO I have played, please keep us going back there for future content.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Secret World Halloween Pub Quiz Sunday 21st October

Sorry, I have been a little busy playing and theory crafting builds to write anything substantial. But the Secret World community is shaping up to be a special one. Check out this thread for details on another up and coming community event.