Thursday, 28 June 2012

A special little bee.

This is the post from Funcom that I have been waiting to read since I heard about one server technology. I have included a few snippets below, but go and read the post.

So what does it mean that The Secret World is based on a single server. It boils down to that there are no boundaries between you and anyone else playing the game. You can play with anyone you want! 
You can finally play with your buddies in the US, or your family in Europe, without worrying about creating a new account bound to that region. 
Being on a single server means you, with your home dimension which may be Kobold, can team up with your buddy in the Huldra dimension and sign up for a match, and fight side by side. It also means that all matchmaking will be between all dimensions, so queues will be very short.

In the Secret World you are not special. You are not the saviour of mankind, you are a drone in an army. An ant part of a factional mass of ants, driving back the filth. Usually with MMO's (with the exception of Eve Online) you are the same. An ant in a copy of lots of worlds being you, in your small little world/server.

As a player in the Secret World you are more like a special little bee, a bee with a unique name in the world, you have the potential to be 'the' special little bee. As you get to play with everyone.

You can be that tank known by everyone, who could hold aggro of the entire server if you wanted too. You could be 'the' player who always has the new fashionable build. Before it is even in fashion. You could be part of 'the' group that is feared world wide in battle grounds, players disconnect from the internet and throw their keyboards out the window when they see your name role up in Stonehenge. Your cabal can be known across the seas for world firsts.

Not only this, but the Secret World is not a game geared towards many characters. The skill system means your character can evolve to cover all of the roles within the game, so you could potentially play the same character throughout the entire life time of the game.

This may all sound somewhat dramatic, but, like in Eve, there is the potential to be that special little bee known, maybe even feared, by the entire population of the game. Can you tell I am excited? Now all we need is our own Eve-fest so we can visit the hive.

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