Friday, 31 August 2012

Secret World: State of the game and new content.

So the Secret World state of the game has been posted. It iterates what the core loyal player base probably already knows, that the game offers something unique in the MMO genre. It was reassuring to once again be reminded that the development team are still on track to produce monthly content.

My favourite points are the hints to vampiric abilities and the Halloween event. But the most important factor is they expect Issue 3 to be released on time!

October could be a good time to re-push the game focusing on genres it straddles. Produce separate trailers aiming at zombie, investigation and vampire genres. Then take these and post them in the Walking Dead, Twilight tweet feeds. Maybe even post them as adverts while programs like these are shown.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Issue 2 of The Secret World

Details have been released for Issue 2 of The Secret World. I am loving the new ideas with regards to auxiliary weapons. A separate wheel is a good idea to prevent overcrowding the main wheel too early on. As time goes on the amount you can customize your character will be a great separator from other games on the market. I am wondering if they will appear on your character like the flame thrower.

Just a note I have not even tackled the missions in the first issue yet as I was leaving them till I finished the release content and I am still only in the Valley of the Sun God, I better get a move on.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Can the Secret World survive a Summer Holiday?

So my holiday in the sun is fast approaching and this is a big test for the game. In the past there have been two major reasons why I have moved on to another game. The first is a long holiday away from the game. By the time I get back and boot up the game the holiday has taken me out of the gaming routine and I have logged back in and seen dozens of half finished quests and tool bars with racks of skills and you need to spend the next few play sessions getting back into the flow, Rift fell afoul of this and since then I have only been back in small monthly time frames.

The next is a new game and delayed content. Age of Conan promised a player versus player focused game but when it released it mainly focused on PvE. Unfortunately 4 months later just as the PvP patch was due to be released, Warhammer Online was released. War let you play and level too cap by just killing other players in RvR and scenarios. It took 2 years plus of subscriptions from me and I still miss her.

Star Wars, The Old Republic was another game which bit the bullet to a newer release. I had hit max level on my bounty hunter and was in the early 20’s of my marauder. I loved the class story and some of the planet wide quests were interesting. The rest of the game fell into the standard MMO quests though which got me speeding through content just to see more story. The game also asked me to do daily quests once I hit max level, something I didn’t like in World of Warcraft. Then to cap it all off the advanced class system made the journey to level cap to similar for me to want to repeat.

There have been games like Dungeon and Dragons Online, Eve online and Warhammer Online which survived other games and holidays.

DDO like War did something new for me. Both games made the levelling process and the end game the same experience. DDO content was built around the dungeon crawl, no quests in an open world but focused group content built on what I think is the core of D&D. I also joined an amazing role-playing guild which liked to take the content slowly even if they had done it before. This has some of my best MMO memories.

So can the Secret World survive the holiday?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Enochian Frequency a podckast with a k

When I play a new MMO I like to bathe in the lore of the game. It is sort of a quick fix when I can not get near the computer. When I played Eve I read plenty of science fiction and read a lot of Eve's great short stories. I picked up Robert E. Howard's books on Conan for Age of Conan and read a lot of Warhammer novels when I played War.

The Secret World is a whole different ball game, as the amount of real world myths and references to the occult seems a little daunting. I could just pick up some Lovecraft but that would only cover a small part of the setting. This is one of the main reasons the Enochian Frequency has become my favourite podcast.

Enochian Frequency does an excellent job of taking information from the game and guiding you through historical, literal and occult references.

The hosts Petter MÃ¥rtensson, Rodney Orpheus and Paul Baker, come across very knowledgeable about the subjects and rightly so when I did a little research. They also deliver the podcast with an easy nature and bring a balanced view of the game even though the subject matter almost seems made for them.

In just a few episodes it has covered the origins of the factions and how the Illuminati and Templar's are linked, which is hinted within the early stages of the game.

Delved into occult magic and introduced me at least, into a world I never knew existed. The podcast mirrors the game giving you a glimpse into a much larger world.

My Kindle is currently brimming with new books on the Illuminati, Chaos magic, more Sci-fi and old H.P. Lovecraft which I re-bought just to have them in place ready for my holiday in the sun. Although I have not been able to get Masks of the Illuminati on Kindle from the UK, conspiracy? So I had to buy the paper-back which is currently being shipped from the states.

Researching the lore and the podcast has been my own mini investigation mission, not as difficult but still equally rewarding, I have even a new band to listen too Rodney's The Cassandra Complex. I can not believe I have not found them before as they fit nicely in my Goth Punk industrial new wave collection.

A really great podcast and I hope they stick around for a long time in The Secret World. If not I'll just have to stalk them in other podcasts.