Friday, 27 July 2012

I like my subscription.

I just wanted to get a few things of my chest.

I like my MMO to have a subscription model. I like the comfort in going where I like in the game and not having to check if I have already purchased the content. I like the fact I have to make a commitment to purchase the game and pay each month. This means the people around me had to do the same, so like me are invested and want to see the game evolve.

Also I like that I can stop paying the subscription when the game stops being fun, like a miniature protest.

I like to watch the game introduced smaller patches of content in an effort to keep their customer base. Then when the game has matured add paid expansions to further enhance the world.

I actually like that Funcom have also added a cosmetic cash shop to TSW. To me it just gives me choice. I don't have to spend money, but if they produce clothing which entices me enough I am happy to spend it.

What would be cool if I could buy real clothing and get the equivalent item in game as an extra.


  1. I completely agree.
    I struggle to feel invested in F2P MMOs, subscription gives comfortable knowledge that you are paying for a service that includes all content and future developments.

    F2P feels like taking the easy route and forcing players to spent more cash for items that often would have been included in a monthly sub.

    I see subscription as a pay wall that block many idiots and gold sellers from ruining games for me. Selfish Yes but the quality of the games shines through better without a sea of rubbish to avoid.

    Lastly as you say unsubbing is a good way to indicate that the game is fun but maybe new mechanics aren't working that great or have ruined it for existing players.
    How do companies track things like this now?

    1. I can only guess the companies track them by forum posts and concurrent user numbers. Not sure how reliable forum feedback is as the loudest voices are not always the majority.