Friday, 31 August 2012

Secret World: State of the game and new content.

So the Secret World state of the game has been posted. It iterates what the core loyal player base probably already knows, that the game offers something unique in the MMO genre. It was reassuring to once again be reminded that the development team are still on track to produce monthly content.

My favourite points are the hints to vampiric abilities and the Halloween event. But the most important factor is they expect Issue 3 to be released on time!

October could be a good time to re-push the game focusing on genres it straddles. Produce separate trailers aiming at zombie, investigation and vampire genres. Then take these and post them in the Walking Dead, Twilight tweet feeds. Maybe even post them as adverts while programs like these are shown.


  1. You might want to post that suggestion on the TSW forums. If the person who made that fan vid or Funcom got on board with that kind of promo, the interest in the game could grow by leaps and bounds.