Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Reaching the end of the main story line

Last Thursday I finally made it to the end of the main story line and also finished the quests in Transylvania. I enjoyed the journey and left with many questions, but rightly so as we have not reached the end of the first act. Slight spoiler warning, I loved the dragon reaction to the end, as it showed a chink in their scales. Throughout the story they seem so confident in their models and planning.

I am looking forward to see where they take the story and the characters. Which is weird as I think this is the first MMO were what happens to characters in the game, matters as much as what kind of impact my character has on the world. It would be good to see changes in zones and see how existing NPC's within the game react to the on-going story.

So what now? Well as soon as I had finished the main story line I started to go back and tackle the new content from the issues. So I imagine I have multiple nights of investigation missions, writing notes and banging my head against my monitor. In my journey through the game I signed up for dungeons as DPS, I still plan to join groups to do elite dungeons in that role but I also plan to try out the other roles. Otherwise what's the point in having all that flexibility if you don't use it.

So I spent a load more points on assault rifle and fists, swapped my talismans and queued up with the looking for group tool as a healer. I was over geared but the plan is to practise first and find my feet. The whole experience taxed my ageing multi-tasking skills. I got into a group to run Dream of The Darkness War which if you have never run is a very fun instance. Keeping myself mobile in fights, dodging bombs and the turning white marks on the floor cast by the third boss Dark House Sorcerer, while also making sure I keep up group members, who stray into swirly debris AoE damage and make sure I damage the boss to gain leech healing was a wild ride. Like the first time I ran the Polaris dungeon I wanted to go on the ride again but it was already past my bed time. The experience was very far from my days as holy priest in World of Warcraft.

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