Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A can of warrior priest.

So my venture into the Da' Savage tree for my Choppa, just didn't seem to cut the mustard for him. He doesn't want to return to the path of Da' Wrecka so soon after leaving, even if it is as fun as using a dwarfs beard to clean your pots and pans! ( while it's still attached to the dwarf )

So still wanting to explore ways of killing (it's not as if it can explore it's feminine side) we would focus and go for single target damage on healers. Who knows what a warrior priest keeps inside that armor! (could it be a toy?) So here is the spec, our only regret is there are no specialized two handed weapons for this job (see picture). The main focus is using lot's of bleeds and No More Helpin' to try and stop them healing themselves and if they try to run, they will still be taking damage while you catch up.

What do you think, any suggestions would be more than welcome.

While we are here somethings on my mind (you might want to close the door or pull the curtains over). Imagine a Choppa wanted to explore other avenues maybe to do with keys and a bowl. As your can't start a boar with keys (there is no ignition) do they just throw in their Choppa's and if so... what does that even mean?


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