Thursday, 22 October 2009

Welcome back to War

A while back I posted an entry on how I thought War was on the up and I still think that patch was a good start. It was the time when Mythic stopped adding and started fixing. Since then we have had a number of patches which in my opinion has improved War adding polish and improvements as well as tweaks to the game to improve things.

I agree with Werit and Bootae it is a good time to come back to War, but I might suggest just wait one more patch. As I think between now and then things will only get better, Mythic even seem to be hot fixing improvements now, which for me is better than big patches spread out.

When I created an alt and logged in for the new player experience I was greeted with the following screen, which outlines all the improvements they have added. I think my favourite addition has been the second ramp in keeps. All the keep sieges I have participated in have been manic!

Welcome Back!

Just thought I would also add my favourite screen shot I have at the moment which became the blogs banner. I seem to have caught Scission in an almost deflated state. This with the dark clouds approaching from behind almost tells a story of foreboding.

Scission - Dark clouds approaching


  1. That's a really good SS.

    I would probably wait to see how the City Seige issues are resolved. Which is some cities basically being constantly under siege.

  2. thatsskarwithak your have been on my blog role for ages(great blog btw) but you updates never show up!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I love that screenshot. Awesome!