Friday, 5 June 2009

Is it possible?

Well the answer is probably yes, but I am still looking for a decent solution.

Here is the situation... You’re a full war band charging round tier 3 and there is also another enemy war band out to spoil your keep taking face smashing party. 

Your main aim is to try and take a keep, but every time you attack one the other war band shows up and manages to get into the keep and wipes you attempt.

So you start to get wise, and change zones constantly tagging keeps to try and lead them on a snotling chase. Then you hit the keep and try to guard the two postern entrances, leaving a minimum number grinding the door down. But then the full war band hits one entrance, brushing a 3rd of you group aside and you war band collectively sigh.

What's-a Orc to do?


  1. Hehe... this is where you have your warband set up an ambush about 500ft from their warcamp. Have someone plink the keep doors until they come rolling out. Introduce a party of tanks to their front lines, and have your DPS jump in from the back lines. Black Fire Pass is good for this :)

  2. Excellent suggestion :) I think you could set up an RvR column called Uncle Grimnir's RvR Advice!