Tuesday, 16 June 2009


So it was Monday night. That is my War marathon session. A full 3 hours of un-interrupted play. I logged in as usually to do RvR with my level 29 Choppa. The night started well a few battle objectives and a keep take. We had almost flipped the zone and all the keeps and objectives were ours. So the war band leader suggested a few hard public quests, to try and flip the zone. We first did Bitterspring the Chapter 12 quest in Takabecland then did Tempest Horn Chapter 13 in High Pass. I had an absolute blast and had forgotten how much fun the public quests can be in a full group. Especially the Tempest Horn, it is one of my favourite public quests.

High Pass brought a lot of memories back from levelling my Chosen. For some reason going through tier 2 & 3 with my Choppa has been an absolute breeze. Maybe the curve has been fixed, or is it my play is more RvR focused so you concentrating on keeps and objectives instead of levels.
I think War absolutely suites my idea of a fun MORG, I have said it in the past but the variety of stuff to do has yet to see me tire of playing. I am still eager to see how it play’s from a Shaman’s or Sorcerer’s point of view. If only I could get a regular group to play with.


  1. I rolled a Shaman alt recently, and I can report that it is an absolute blast. If you know how to play it well you're nigh unkillable in T1 while being able to dish out top healing AND damage. I read your post about keybinding, good luck to you. I switched about a year and a half ago now and will never look back. My entire keyboard from 5 down is full of bindings. It gets easier, trust me.

  2. I am alright with the key binding as long as I don't switch characters too often :)