Sunday, 21 June 2009

Warhammer University

I wonder how many new and trial players spend a few hours in War going through some of the PvE and come across a few empty public quests and put the game back on the shelf?

Could War could benefit from newbie University Guild on the odd trial server? Due to its steep learning curve Eve players put together a specific corporation to help the new player survive called Eve University.

I know War’s learning curve is not steep but the experience is better with other people and playing a scenario or doing open realm versus realm with other players sets War apart from its competition.

What sparked this idea was a conversation with a trail player and roaming the War official forums and noticing a very helpful community. The trial player asked questions about gear and its acquisition and how many times should they run public quest. I think tier 1 can be over in a few hours and a lot of Wars merits can be totally missed in this short time span.

The idea would be it would actively recruit new players in tier 1 and 2 and try and provide the following:

  • Help with all aspects of War, and try to be as active as possible on region chat to answer any questions.
  • Provide regular help with public quests.
  • Organize tier 1 and 2 open realm versus realm.
  • Organize scenario groups and providing pointers.

The idea being by the time they reach 22 and are released to the big wide world they have a good idea of how to play in an organized group and have knowledge of the server’s political landscape.

Now there are a few problems with this, alts gain levels and leave tier 2. No one wants to spend all of their time in the lower tiers when there is content to explore and renown ranks in tier 4 to earn.

So guild officers would have to keep alts in the lower tiers, and the guild would have to be a little more flexible maybe run with a larger number of officers operating like a collective. With a commitment to take 1 play session a week from their main character to roam tier 1 helping newer players and organizing events.

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  1. that, would be the most awesome idea ever. During the first few weeks of the trial release, I created 4 alts that I leveled along with the newcomers =]