Saturday, 19 December 2009

10 days of War

Heartless_Gamer is trying out the 10 day return to ‘War’. He is up to day 2 of his return, and both posts seem balanced and come with some excellent observations. I wish I could write stuff like this.

One observation is copying the Land of the Dead mix of PvE and PvP and duplicating it throughout the game. This works for LotD as it doesn’t attract the zerg because it does not contribute to the main RvR zone locking mechanic.

Would the public quests and small scale RvR still work as well if there were part of the zone locking? Or would the public quests and small scale PvP just get lost in the hordes of players?


  1. Valid questions, but then again why does it have to all be part of the zone lock? Why can't the content exist in the RvR lakes for the same reasons it exists in the PvE zones?

  2. It can... but if the content is in the RvR lakes won't it automatically be part of the zone locking just because of its location?

  3. It doesn't have to IMHO. I'd prefer to see it just exist as the place where players level 30-40.