Friday, 12 February 2010

Fun, fun, fun

Over the past week oRvR has been quite active as our guild Nightfall has joined forces with Aes Sidhe. Aes Sidhe is a good guild with plenty of active players. I don’t know any of them personally but have played with them throughout Wars life. I used to be in a TOG guild (The older gamers) and both guilds where in the same alliance back in the day. So I spent a little time talking to them on Ventrilo while we ran scenarios.

So the past few nights we have been able to put together nearly 2 war bands of players which is a lot of fun. Order on Karak-Azgal are around tier 4 in abundance so you can usually find around 8 war bands spread across two zones. This has meant huge battles of 100+ players with plenty of battle objectives and keeps swapping hands in some epic battles for zone capture.

We tried bombing them at the gate for keep defences which order bought about 3 times before they started to pull back. But as more order joined the attack we became little more than a speed bump. As they seemed to be running round mainly in one group we decided to try and move quickly to slow them down by capturing objectives. A little while after the rest of destruction turned up in Chaos Wastes after locking Dragonwake. They immediately went for the south keep as we just capped the two northern objectives.

We joined them as they hit the inner door of the keep and went for the keep lord. Just as the main order group came in the south keep gate to defend. The Lord went down with 100+ of enemy players (I am guessing of course) inside the keep to wipe any destruction.

Our forces wiped and we re-spawned and went straight to the north keep to take it quickly. So in the space of a few minutes the zone went from 1 red battle objective, to two red keeps and 3 red battle objectives. Just shows what can happen fighting superior numbers with a little luck and timing.

Throughout the night we only noticed a single time when the server started to groan, which is excellent performance. All the time I was able to use abilities with little or no lag with multiple war bands on the screen at one time. It looks like Mythic are trying to push this even further have a look at Werit video below, or go and visit Shadow-War for more information on Mythic’s stress testing.

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