Friday, 5 February 2010

Busy news week

So it has been a busy news week for War. With the new 1.3.4 patch going on the test servers and news is trickling out about 1.3.5 from Werit.

Patch 1.3.4 seems to be a love and hate patch. Everyone is drooling over the new RvR weapons (check out Gaarawarrgabs for screenshots), and screaming over the removal of so many scenarios (see Grimnir reply to Mythic).

I never really liked the idea of removing content in the first place, and I wonder how bored a new player would get after playing Nordenwatch over 40 levels. Lack of choice is never a good thing but at them moment I don’t actually care about the update. So trying to write a post about it almost seems futile.

I don’t care as I think it won’t have that much of an effect against my current game play (short sighted I know). My current game play is oRvR and levelling the odd alt. I know they are streamlining and polishing to trying and attract new potential players but as a long time player I tend to look past the warts now and mainly concentrate on either following war band orders or learning a new class.

What I do get excited about is even more improvements to large scale RvR performance; check out Shadow-War’s post detailing 420 players in one area. Could this also mean a possible return of fortresses as they have made a lot of improvements since they were taken out.

I think the not caring also stems from no big expansion news yet. I am with Bootae and wish Mythic would give us hints at least on the future instead of just tweaks and polish. Some people are just never happy are they. ;)


  1. Actually it looks like all the rants paid off. They are taking another look at the scenario removals.