Friday, 14 May 2010

24 vs 24

It has been a good week in War, we had a guild event of 24 versus an order guild of 24 in a locked zone. The aim was fun, to improve our tactics and learn to play together as a guild. The event lasted around 3 hours I fraps’ed it see below... The variation in tactics from fight to fight where cool, as each side saw what the other did in the last fight and tactics developed. Our war band had lower renown rank players and we didn’t have the numbers to swap out substitutes. But we gave a good account of ourselves and won a number of matches.
I have also been in tier 2 with my sorcerer and I was surprised again how much action there was. I was also surprised by the lack of organization in war bands. I joined around 4 different war bands and all had a silent war band leader and members not just scattered in the zone but across multiple zones.

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