Monday, 3 May 2010

I am the resurrection

Unless you have had your head up a black orc’s behind (it echo’s in there) you will have seen the latest bomb shell that as of patch 1.3.6 you will be able to play on both sides. I am fine with it as long as it doesn’t lead to exploiting.

I don’t think it is a precursor to another faction. As why wouldn’t you just do it when the faction hits the servers (although maybe it could be used as a hint).

What I would love is if the ability to play on both side meant War moved to single shard architecture as in Eve Online. If they could create the server setup to handle this and it was done due to an improvement in server technology rather than population decline I think this would improve War immensely.

Some have said it is another nail in the coffin for realm pride. With the exception of banter on the server specific forums I have seen very little of realm pride anyway. Even in other games I have not seen this kind of solidarity. Eve Online the solidarity comes out of necessity and survival and generally steams from the need for loot/resources.

I think Mythic are fighting a loosing battle with regards to realm pride as the carrot seems to win. You can see this when it looks like half your realm in tier 4 are standing next to the mail box, or when guilds who once spent most of the time in oRvR retreat to scenario’s to grind for weapons.

If I had control and it was possible I would probably implement the following:

  • Emblems would be awarded for kills on a group basis and awarded on drops and to the winning side. The loosing side would still have a chance of them as long as the actually did some fighting.
  • Zone locking renown would only be awarded if you contributed to victor points.
  • I would increase the chance of armour and weapon crest drops from killing players.

On another note in my haste to participate in the guild Juice night I deleted my level 24 squig herder by accident. I thought he was lost and my characters and I would have to have a collection for our departed comrade. But I logged an appeal in game and he was restored the next day! Now that’s what I call service.

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