Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Krosussaysburn post of win!

Once in a while a post comes along which blows me away and is made of excellence. Head over to krosusssaysburn for their post on possible skaven classes. I particularly like the Moulder Rat Ogre Packmaster concept. I would dump so many of my current characters just to play any one of these.


  1. Wow! You totally humble me.

    I really do not like the Skaven. But I know so many people do so I wrote the post in that light. Then as I did I thought about what would make me want to play them. That's where the Rat Ogre Packmaster came from. I'd love to see the animations of the little Packmaster smacking and whipping the Rat Ogre to do things.

    Thanks for the kudos! It means a lot!

  2. No problem... :) It was an excellent post I enjoyed reading it!