Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A change is as good as a rest?

As well as the game and community one thing which keeps a MMO player coming back for more is routine. For over a year now my routine has been Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights I login into War.

A blood bowl addiction has pulled me away from War to a point. Now I only login for guild RvR nights. So at the very least I login on Tuesday night for a 4-5 hour open RvR session. But with the recent Mythic announcement for European players moving servers and progression freeze for characters for a week this will probably see a further break for me.

My subscription is still running, but I am not entirely sure if I’ll be playing War for anytime this week. I don’t think I am alone, so could this mean a dent in subscriptions as people just let War slide? I for one think Mythic might need a little enticement to get people back into the routine.


  1. Wouldn't expect a massive "dent" just due to that one week - after all people have to resubscribe anyway (and inactive players might have a look at the new performance/features).

  2. I'm on vaca so no WAR. I've gotten sucked back into some console games that have been gathering dust on their neatly applied shrink wrap. So ... the God of War has been a pleasant diversion for me of late.

    Variety in gaming is a good thing.