Thursday, 10 June 2010

Would you pay to swap?

Did you ever get character to level 40 and just think meh? I would pay money to just be able to swap to a different class. I would change my chosen to a black orc. Its got nothing to do with power or mechanics I just think they look cooler. I wouldn't want gear just swap my class and ranks and I’d be happy. What toon would you pay to swap?


  1. Hmmmm, interesting question.

    It takes me awhile to get the grasp of certain classes, so I need to play through them to get a feel. I have two 40s (BW, WP) and an IB is on the way. Not sure if there would be anything I'd trade them for.

    Now if I could pay a meager few to skip a tier or two, I'd do that.

  2. I would swap my BW for a SH. I love the SH that I rolled, but I just couldn't hack starting the RR and rvr gear grind again so once I hit 40 I stopped playing a few days later.

    If I could take my gear, and RR to a SH I would do it in a heartbeat.

  3. I wouldn't swap. I don't play characters that I don't like. :P

  4. No. ;)

    It's just a game breaker somehow, even if it isn't for free etc. It's still a RPG after all so character progress is a part of it including name, career, etc.

  5. Once I get a character to tier 4 I almost feel obliged just to finish them off. But like the Wasdstomp sometimes the RR makes me shudder.