Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Single target choppa

When there has been no set guild RvR nights happening I run some scenarios with my new choppa build. I have been running the AoE spec but these days, I am not really getting the damage or killing blows. The spec worked in a premade group with other AoE classes and healing backup, but when you’re running scenarios solo the damage just gets soaked up by AoE healing.

So I have spec’ed Hellichoppa to mostly Da’Savage tree, with strength around 950 and about 8.5k of wounds. The dilemma is what to have as my next important stat, weapon skill or toughness. It seems easier to raise my weapon skill but apparently toughness is more useful in open RvR as you face a wider range of damage. Weapon skill is most handy against melee classes, so I plan to give both a try.

The single target damage has been a fresh of air for my choppa. Jumping on the back line and actually killing people has been a revelation since my AoE build days. But I did come across a rather embarrassing defeat against a shadow warrior at the north flag in Dragon’s Bane. I was the only destruction at the flag and he rode up on his horse. I gritted my teeth to get ready for run around the flag pole, as he kited me. But to my surprise he started attacking with melee range, thinking I would win we started to dance. I left with a red face and he left with half his health.

On another note a few of my friends purchased the PC Blood Bowl game so I thought I would give it a try. So far I am completely addicted and actually thinking about buying a team of miniatures. I love the skaven but don’t really know enough at this stage to create decent plays


  1. If I were a Choppa I would get my Weapon Skill to around 700. You'd get excellent Parry and much more armour reduction. I hear most of the best Choppas do this.

    was a founder member of the UK BloodBowl league It's a great game. I should get back in to it. Have you seen Cyanide's forum for the game? There is some great advce on teams there, here is the Skaven one...