Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hamster Overload

Now I don’t know if War is gaining subscriptions or whether it is down to server consolidation. But the amount of players running round in tier 4 on Karak Azgul is getting a little crazy. When I logged in Thursday night both sides population were high.

Large scale RvR can be fun and epic feeling, but the hamsters keeping the servers rolling make some awful creaking noises. (Just in case you didn’t know the European servers are powered by hamsters in wheels.)

I have posted before about splitting up the zerg, here which might take a little effort. But maybe they could introduce some mechanism for double capping. If two battle objectives or both keeps get capped within a described time of each other you get an extra renown bonus. This would need organization on the region scale, but could also break up multiple war bands.


  1. Maybe it needs a capture the flag type of mechanic. Get rid of the battlefield objective timers, and you must hold the flag at each battlefield objective to capture the next one. You have to hold all of them before it locks it down, and than you move on to the keeps. The keeps would work the same way.

  2. Could smaller groups still operate though to lock a zone?