Thursday, 18 March 2010

An’t no boils on me!

Over the past few weeks my experiences in War have seen ups and downs. I am currently levelling my Shaman to 40, as of today he sits at 35 so almost at level cap. This means I’ll have 3 characters at 40. The Shaman has been the easiest character up to now to keep his renown near to his level, so much so he is nearly ready to wear full Annihilator which beats the pants of the PvE gear available. He is not far off beating my Chosen on gear who had been 40 a while now. I still find the levels between 30 and 40 troublesome. PvE wise you are sorted, there is plenty to do but then this means you renown starts to lag. PvP wise in tier 4 you are almost a leper even being a healer. Few want you in pre-made scenario groups and pug war bands start to become scarce as most of them are alliance only war bands.

But when there has been an alliance war band running, it has been epic. Renown and experience flows and the fighting has been excellent. A good few times with have sat at a battle objective of ¾ of a war band holding out for the final few seconds trying to keep a horde of order at bay and prevented a zone lock. Those times are truly precious.

We have also tried the tactic of defending a keep by build up morale 4’s against the siege pads. Then when the horde of order turns up at the gate we immediately run out and push them back. A few nights ago it looked like an almost certain zone lock when instead of defending 2 keeps we stayed at the north keep in Chaos Wastes and used the above tactic. We managed to push and wipe them 3 times before they completely gave up.

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