Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Returning to WAR: Leveling in Land of the Dead

With a lot of people returning to War I thought I would post the odd guide. @Werit (Hope you don't mind me stealing your title)

Today’s post consists of some good spots to level in. I have also posted, so more people come to know these spots. As they are excellent for PvP and ambushing. Nothing breaks up your rhyme than the blade of a Witch Hunter. Check out the maps for the locations, you will see my character marker showing the position.

River Drakes

Area of effect spots.

The following is a list of good AoE leveling spots. A good group should consist of an area of effect (AoE) DPS a healer and a tank. The simplest tactic is the tank and DPS sit in a central spot and the healer who has a tanks guard on him just runs past mobs and due to the guard the tank draws the aggro. Once a sufficient amount of mobs have been gathered the DPS spam’s his AoE attacks and you all get to watch the experience roll in.

River Drakes (map link) - Relatively close to the destruction war camp. Also good if you have Butchering as a craft skill.

Bandit Scouts (map link) - You can use the underground building to try and minimize the chance of getting jumped on by a Witch Hunter.

Skeletons (map link) - Off the beaten track and is sometimes not as busy as the other spots. The Skeletons spawn just by the covered entrance.


Champions of Sebok (map link) - Good spot for single target DPS, you need to watch out for the AoE damage from the champion as it can hurt a lot...

Words of Warning

With rested experience you can probably churn out a level an hour but this means your renown rank will not keep pace with your level which could mean you spending a lot of time in tier 4 just playing catch up.

If it is your first character I would not recommend this, as you miss out on all the excellent content in the other zones. As well as excellent Land of the Dead public quests which are a blast.

Don't forget this game is about War and hitting other player's in the face!

Champions of Sebok


  1. I've only leveled in LotD once, with my Order mains on Azgal, and, since there was only 3 of us, none of which AoE, we went for the Chapions of Sebok. We actually farmed them near the entrance, by the river. Truth be told, it wasn't an overly clever idea because, every time someone finished the first stage of the adjoining PQ we wiped from the waves of skellies it spawns.

    So yeah, you're smarter than us.

  2. Yeah... we also learnt to keep away from the PQ to the west. :)

  3. Just wanted to add:
    - There's a second drake spot right next to the Tomb of the Heaven (mirrored to the one you posted).
    - Skeleton Spot: Don't kill the acolyte (the floating skeleton) too early and it will spawn in even more skeletons.
    - Champions of Sebok can be quite tough to fight solo depending on your defenses even without their area attack. Instead I'd recommend trying the snake pit north (between pyramid and Tomb of the Sun). It will cause some slowdown once the PQ reaches step 2 but leveling here you'll grab an undead tome tactic for free (1000 snakes).

  4. Excellent! Thanks for the info :)