Thursday, 23 July 2009

Careful I bite

Over the past week a lot of our main open RvR leaders are trying the free trial for Dark Age of Camelot.

Those who are left have decided to level alts. My Choppa is 4 levels of 40, but has run out of rested experience. So this week has been made up of power levelling other guild members with my Choppa and taking my Squig Herder out for a run ‘Toenail’ is level 16, and I forgot how much fun the path of Quick Shootin was. Kiting multiple mobs with my Squig and snares makes for very fluid dynamic combat.

We have just been queuing for scenarios and running public quests, I love the fact you don’t need to go near questing to level.

Check out Gaarawarr Gabs and his latest post, it is an interview with Josh Drescher. How does Gaarawarr do it? He is not even playing the game at the moment yet his blog still remains relevant. I think, he one of those people who is a natural blogger and will only go on to greater things. For now I am just pleased he playing the game I love.

The Patch 1.3.0b is here on the euro servers. I know they have temporally gimped a lot of classes. But for my Choppa this just gives him an excuse to try out another spec.

I think this patch is a step in the right direction, together with the extra ramps in keeps, defending one will result in an interesting challenge.


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