Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gotrek and Felix: The first omnibus

So I finally finished the ‘Gotrek and Felix: The first omnibus’ novel. I started reading it before Christmas, but I got the Malus Darkblade Chronicles and Gilead’s Blood novel as a present and I could never resist Elves whether there are evil or just melancholy.

Since starting to play Warhammer I have been slowly working my way through the novels to pick up lore and gain more of a feeling about the world in Warhammer Online. It has been slow, as when it comes down to it whether I pick up a book or play War the later usually wins.

I enjoyed the Gotrek and Felix novel and found myself more drawn to Felix than the slayer. I like the fact he is more fallible and unsure about his predicament and seems to more fumble through the book than his doom questing friend. The books story tended to move quickly in an action adventure style. Especially more so in the first novel which has almost a pulp comic feel about it. It seems to settle down in Skavenslayer and you get more of a feel for the world and the main characters.

The way the Skaven were portrayed was probably my favourite thing through all three novels. Their inability to see their own failings and master race mentality made me want to play one even more (if they ever saw the light of day in Warhammer Online).

Though I enjoyed the books, I couldn’t help feel I had read the story before. The Warhammer Dwarfs are well… Dwarfs and didn’t seem to stray far away from jokes and sarcastic one liners with who ever they were fighting at the time. There were points in the books when you got to know about the Book of Grudges and their fascination with gold. But that is still general Dwarf story fodder, maybe the slayers past is to be kept for further novels.

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