Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Paul Barnett Part 2 - No Prisoners, No Mercy

Check out the Paul Barnett interview part 2 over at No Prisoners, No Mercy.

The thing which made my chaos mutation itch was the ‘High Noon’ part of the show were they got Saylah to discuss why she left and the sisters talked about what had improved with War.

It had me shouting at my mp3 player in the car, saying but what about this… what about that…

Obviously I was on the sister’s side but they did not mention any of the following which has improved in War to help leveling easier.

  • Repeatable quests at Battle Objectives and Keeps, and also just having different quest icons to point them out.
  • Influence RvR system, this is one of the main reasons why you get more people in the RvR lakes as the sets are so much more accessible.
  • Easy public quests, as well as just providing more information on the map so you can tell straight away what kind of group you need to attempt the PQ.
  • More experience given for killing players.
  • Free trial, with a greater influx of players you have more people to play with.

Are there any over improvements I have missed? That's better, the roaming mutated eye on my elbow has stopped irritating me now... phew...

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