Thursday, 9 July 2009

Stonetroll Certified Warhammer Online Podcast

This is a shout out to Ziss from, for Stonetroll Certified Warhammer Online Podcast #31. At the moment there is a lot of negativity in the War community and he put out a positive show which made me smile.

I agree with him War is what you make it, if you using the same tactics all the time or standing in the capital city waiting for the Land of the Dead to open for your side yes the game might get repetitive or feel like a grind.

Why don’t you, try the following?

  • Stop and have a look round. The world Mythic has created is beautiful and contains so many nooks and crannies and beautiful spots. I love the tier 3 Empire battle objectives or the tier 4 the elf areas.
  • Put a group together and try and run some RvR.
  • Has the door on the outer wall fallen, instead of running to the keep, push out at the postern and catch them from behind. Does the keep have buildings contained inside the out walls? Hide in them and pop out when they least expect it.
  • Have you have just joined a scenario group, with an enemy premade in it? Don’t just leave the scenario, try and form your own group and use the same tactics, or operated some avoidance tactics taking objective without running into that bomb squad.
  • Go and explore that zone you have not tried and or that public quest you never completed.

If you continually just follow the zerg or AoE the same mob to power level the game will only get dull and repetitive.