Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Reikland: Runehammer Gunworks: Defensive Boon


This is objective is in the middle of the map fairly close to the destruction war camp. It is also very close to another objective, so can be taken in conjunction while the defence timer is running (If an active order group is not around.).

Terrain features
The battle objective is located on a plateau with 3 steep sides and a gentle slope to the west. As the objective is higher up and you can see the approaching enemy and can easily run or defend depending on numbers.

Defending the objective can be fairly simple against equal numbers if your melee dps and tanks can hold the ridge, while you healers hide out of line of sight. If you are against larger numbers and they attack all sides you can quickly be overwhelmed.

When attacking getting members south without being seen can be a good ploy, then use your main force from the north you can get into there healers quickly if they don’t post scouts on the south ridge.

I have had some of the best fights at this objective. If you have two massive war bands there is plenty of open space but with the added advantage of using the slopes or the building at the east of the plateau to de-aggro yourself.

Reikland: Runehammer Gunworks: Defensive Boon

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