Friday, 8 January 2010


GOA’ has lost the ‘Dark Age of Camelot’ licence. I am not entirely sure if this is down to their management of DAoC but might be down to the fact the cost of having someone else run your game. As I imagine most distribution is done digitally and support might be much more cost effective when it is done in house. Obviously this is pure speculation.

I don’t imagine ‘War’ will follow suite anytime soon as the contract probably lasts more than just a year, but I would love to see ‘Mythic’ take the power back with ‘War’. Even if it meant getting the patches a week later I would much rather have the same forum and perks as the USA.

Hell I’d love ‘Mythic’ to completely take the power back and go solo from ‘Electronic Arts’ and have the power to say and release what they want. ‘Werit’ made a very insight tweet “I've never seen a MMO so afraid of itself as ‘WAR’ is”. A lot of the time you get the feeling from the staff that they want to howl from the hill tops what is coming up but a very tight leash seems to choke their voices.


  1. Mythic did howl from the hill tops, or at least Mark Jacobs did. We see what happened from that. It is probably why they never want to say anything now, and keep everything so vague.

  2. That was a different time though... when you want to expose you unreleased game to as many people as possible.