Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Play time over the last week seems to be splintered and varied. Do you ever have one of those nights were you play about 3 alts and none of the time with them seems to stick. The scenario’s you enter are filled with bomb squads and all you have are pugs, and even half of them head for the exit once they see the guild names above the opposing team. So you try another alt but the zones have all been captured by your side.

Then you think of playing alts on another server and your enthusiasm wanes as what you really wanted to do was make progress with the first character you logged in that night.

Well that was me until we got a group together for ‘Land of the Dead’ and just started to farm experience. I have never seen my experience bar go up so fast, within about an hour I had gone up a level on my Shaman. I don’t do it very often but grinding mobs sometimes can be very relaxing. It’s like the Earl Grey tea of MMO’s predicable and relaxing. You can actual learn something about your character and have time to chat with guild members.

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