Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mythic the impossible, possible.

Around this time of year, blogs tend to come up with lists. Not wanting to be left out I thought I would come up with my own list with regards what I would like from Mythic. Now this list is purely selfish and completely unreasonable and in no way needs to benefit the wider player base or even attract other MMO players to the game.

An alternative mount

My Choppa is getting tired of looking cramped on a boar, and would love a different/bigger mount. For comedy value maybe a Troll gimp mount complete with Orange (fruit not the colour) mouth piece harness so my Orc can ride on his shoulders.

More siege weapons

I want to be able to climb on a catapult with a group of friends and be launched over a keep wall in oRvR. I want a slowly moving destroyable armoured siege tower to push up against a keep wall.

City siege scenarios

I’d like scenarios based on ‘Altdorf’ and ‘Inevitably City’ siege warfare, as an alternative to the instances. These scenarios need to be themed around the siege with capture the city entrance (flag) to hold off the invaders. Pollute the cities water (like the Serpent's Passage mechanic) by carrying the tainted water to a point on the map.

In game guild mail/forum

Able to send/receive mail from my guild as a group mail and have our own in game forum… While you’re at it… have it accessible through a browser as well.

War camp warfare

The ability to attack the opposing realms war camp and take out their flight masters for up to 2 of the 3 points in a single paring.

Fortresses back

I would love to see these back after the improvements they have made to performance.

Human Cloning

Mythic need to implement human cloning, so I can get to play some of my Order alts.

He is with me!

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