Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Siege defence with a difference

So what did everyone get for Christmas? Was it a ‘Millennium Falcon’? Well that was probably my favourite gift when I was a child.

I have not played much of ‘War’ over the holiday break as my wife got me ‘Dragon Age Origins’ as a gift. I like it, but it just feels like ‘Baldur's Gate’ with cut-scenes and without my cherished ‘DnD’. For me this does not bode well for ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ as I don’t really want the same MMO formula with voice-over’s and dialogue trees. If you can tell me a story through game play and quests instead of scripted dialogue and text it may win me over.

‘War’ could do this if they build on the public quest mechanic. I would love to see more of the ‘Land of the Dead’ public quests where the kill x defeat n are wrapped up in more unique events.

Back to ‘War’…so my first major play session was a city siege defence with a difference. Instead of queuing up for the instances a large contingent of destruction decide to defend the city gates on ‘Karak-Azgal’ lead by a rather famous server player called 'Nitro' who seems very apt at getting the masses to function through region chat. We managed to keep the gate up and even push order back on a number of occasions. It was a lot of fun.

Heartless_Gamer also made an interesting post about a ‘War’ prediction ‘Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be sold or shut down by EA.’. I am not sure this will happen but the thought does not fill me with dread either. ‘War’ has a very solid base and anyone with money could easily use this to build a very successful game. I still don’t believe MMO’s are built in a year (after release) and take time to mature and grow to their full potential. ‘Electronic Arts’ just need to see this and not let ‘War’ fall by the waist side.


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