Tuesday, 6 April 2010

White LioooOOOoooN dum de dum

Over the past weekend I have been trying to put together a War video based around the squig herder and their love for the squig. A not so epic tale of origin and conflict, therefore I have been spending a lot of time in tier 3 scenarios with my HUD hidden.

I have enjoyed the herder as he plays differently my other classes. I don’t really play him for the big damage numbers but to make a nuisance of myself by snares and hitting people when their health is low.

A new enemy has arisen though, one I have pretty much ignored with my choppa or chosen. The new enemy has been the white lion (every time I say ‘white lion’ the Ultravox record White China plays in my head and I replace the chorus with white lion).

One white lion in particular was the bane of my existence throughout the scenarios I played. I think I became almost a speed bump made out of plasticine as they used what I think is Pounce and immediately spring bordered next to me and carved me up like an iceberg lettuce. It was fun and even now I am frantically searching for white lion killing tactics.



  1. There is something about White Luons that make me want to punch the player in the face. Their poshiness just bothers me.

  2. Well, at least you're not a healer in T4.
    It's no fun when you get a Breegon paired with a Winniethepooh (andTiggertoo!) double Pounce you the second you step out of your respawn point.
    Much high-pitched squeeking ensues.

  3. If you guys know any tactics to crush those pesky fur wearing toff's. Please post them :)

  4. I just want to give you two zillion points for mentioning Ultravox

    Midge Ure rocks!

  5. Loves great adventure was one of my first singles I purchased.