Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Positivity YES... Have U had your plus sign 2 day?

If you have read my blog for any length of time you may have noticed my posts don’t always follow the current stream of news and also tend to be positive (points to those who get the song reference). We all know what has gone on over the past week, so I don’t think I need to visit the subject as the internet is already filled with maggot ridden finger pointing. I do wonder though how many of those neutral MMO blogs who posted about the billing issue and if they also posted topics on what War has done right of the past few months. But I guess that’s just the nature of the stone throwing MMO community.

Anyway I am straying away from what I wanted to cover. As of late, it has been good to be a War player for the following reasons:

Endless trail

This has been a good move by Mythic to let you play the game in tier 1 for as long as you want. If you want more positivity head over to the following threads on the US and European forums and check out the people converting to subscriptions.

War went free!

Yes, you no longer have to buy the retail box to play the game, just convert your existing trial account to a full account and start paying the subscription.

New War bloggers

The amount of new arrivals to the War blogging community is excellent. I don’t think I have seen this many new faces since the WCPI started back in February of 2009. Have I missed any? Please comment if you have more.











Bloggers visit to Mythic

The guys at Mythic yet again reached out to their community and invited them to ask questions about up and coming content. I really appreciate it, when they make the effort to interact with the community. We have seen it on a number of occasions from the 12 days of Mythic to the Land of the Dead blogger initiative, were they posted bones to players.

Additions to the game

Since around patch 1.3.2, we have seen a lot of positive steps in War’s game play and features.

Improvements in responsiveness, and reduction of lag in large scale 100+ encounters.

Apprenticeship system to allow you to play with your friends.

Graphical enhancements

War report which takes you to the action quicker.

New user experience

Balance fixers for crowd control and fixers to the AP(Action Point) system to make War more tactical.

Coming Soon

Also we have lots of great stuff on the horizon, the city siege improvements for 1.3.5 look very exciting indeed. I thought they were just going to tweak and change the odd thing. But they look to be far reaching.

If you have not already seen it, Mythic are also looking to bring back fortresses and will be looking for feedback from the players.

Imagine a world with RvR driven city sieges and new fortress mechanics together with the improvements we have seen of the past few months.


  1. Thanks for the mention.

    I actually felt the same way, like I needed to point out some of the good stuff the game has instead of focusing on the bad, hence my last post.

    Yes, some things still need work, like making certain classes more appealing (we all know which ones I'm talking about) and making others less so.

    But, all in all, I don't see myself playing anything else for a while.

  2. Hey, Thanks for the notice about my new blog. I hope I can bring something good to the community.


  3. I am recently a returnee (played at launch, and felt the game was just not right...)
    But, I have to say, the changes are phenomenal. My wife, who hated the game, and swore to never play it again is also a convert.
    It really is too bad about the current billing issues, as it is the last thing the game needed (and sorry to say, that it may have a bad effect, if last nights SC's and RVR was any indication). I hope they recover, as I would like to stay a while.
    Anyways, got you on my RSS feed, and plan to continue to read.


  4. :) I only started playing while waiting for the PvP patch from Conan. When I got here it blew me away and I have stayed.

  5. Three cheers for positive posts!

    I completely agree, too much negative crap gets spewed out there. There's a LOT more that the game does right than it does wrong.