Thursday, 8 April 2010

Returning to War: The video podcasts

Now I don’t know if your family is like ours. In the midst of the cucumber butties, scones and barrels of real ale in our back room we have an effigy of Paul Barnett placed on a purple velvet rug surrounded with candles and a cassette tape continuously playing the sound recording of Paul’s speech on the complete hobby experience. But if you are new to War and have only recently tried it through the medium of the endless trial you may be unaware of the video podcasts made by him. So below I have linked a selection of my favourite.

Here are some links to Paul's best bits.


  1. What happened to Paul? I know he caused some stir with some things he said at various gaming related speaking engagements but, in regards to WAR, nothing. Was he let go? I don't keep up with things and considering the revolving door that is WAR's Lead Developer I wouldn't be surprised if he's doing god knows what now within Mythic or elsewhere.

  2. They all work for EA so I think he is doing stuff in other areas.