Monday, 25 May 2009

Adopt the position

Before I tell you about today’s subject I need you to adopt the Warhammer epic position. You need to hold you imaginary guitar playing the high cords and sing “Epicccc” in a high pitched 80’s rock voice. If you have long curly hair all the better. If you need more here is Prince also adopting the position, I reckon he plays a Witch Elf.

Anyway now my Chosen is at renown rank 33 I thought I’d give my Choppa some love. (innuendo intended)

He is level 23-ish now and I took part in a (adopt the position ) “Epicccc” siege defence. My role was to sit behind the tank wall and spam my AoE chopping. The siege just on the inner ramp lasted around 45 minutes. With order planting themselves half way up the ramp. They came so close to wiping all destruction a number of times, only to the pure excellence of our healers and their skill in resurrecting. One particular Disciple of Khaine must have resurrected me around 20 times.

I love the siege mechanic of War, and think with time it can only get better. I have read they are working on second ramps for keeps, but what would be cool would be a wider variety of siege weapons. I have not seen ladders in War, so maybe that would be a lot of effort for little reward.

But maybe we could have small movable towers like in the second Warhammer trailer which appear on a siege weapon pad 20 foot away from the walls then they slowly move toward the wall. The attackers have to repair and defend it, and the defenders have to destroy it before it reaches the wall.

I know this would still be a lot of work, so maybe as a quick bang for buck player catapults could be place in the attackers siege pads. I know this mechanism is already in the game, my Choppa did it as one of his first quests in the green skin zone.  To make it more viable maybe it could load 5 players on it and fire them to the top of the keep.

If you have what you think are “Epicccc” moments in War I would love to hear them.

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