Monday, 11 May 2009

Land of the Dead trailer.

The Land of the Dead trailer has been released, it looks awesome and I am looking forward to it late June. The dungeon mechanics sound interesting and the massive bosses look epic. A few places seem to have jumping mechanics to avoid traps, this sounds good but also concerns me, how will this operate under lag and also the War landscape has a habit of trapping your character.

Warhammer Alliance also have an excellent video here.

They discuss a lot of the mechanics like the ward system, lock out times and level bolstering. I am glad my mid level alts (25) will be able to get bolstered to level 36. But I wonder how many war bands will let you tag along if level 40's also want to join.

The new backpacks sound excellent they mentioned the Warrior Priest one which is lots of scrolls all staked up.

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