Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Nemesis System

Check out the latest MMO Report, this is a special edition with Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett. These guys are excellent and provide a soft sticky centre like an Éclair to the usual hard to swallow toffee MMORPG developer.

My favourite bit is were Hickman talks about the Nemesis System, and talks about people who he hates in-game I wonder if the Black Orc or Sorcerer know if they are Hickman’s nemesis. 

As I am not really leet enough to have a real nemesis, I just have the Book of Grudges installed which lists who killed you and who you have killed.

Now I am spending more time in tier 4 there are certain order players on our server who have a reputation for their skill. You hear their names called across Ventrilo when they show up and players travel across zones just to fight them. I love this aspect of War, Eve Online has its own rock star players and I am glad War is getting them on a server basis.

I would love the data in the Book of Grudges to be available on So you could have a who's, who of skilled players.

On the server I play on, there is a Bright Wizard called ‘Jenna’. Just last week I had the privilege of having my behind handed to me while she kited me and a Black Guard (see picture) and eventually killed up both twice. I loved the fight and hope I have more in the future.

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