Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Patch 1.3 is out but I have never been a min/maxer and could never contend with the excellent coverage by Gaarawarr Gabs or Mmmmmgud. So I thought I would take a look at the WARP podcast.

Since I started to play Warhammer at release I have also listened to the WARP pod cast done by the Dead Workers Party. So I thought I give them sort of a mini review, I would also recommend to any new players to go back and listen to their old pod casts. Some of the details will have changed but like with a lot of pod casts I think the show, presenters and game all grow together.

The early shows give you a lot of tips and deal with a lot of the early content and early growing pains you will have as you hit the levelling curve.

The shows started with 5 presenters, (Eric, Brent, Wes, Spencer) but sadly Eric did not last beyond the first few shows. Personally I think the other presenters probably assassinated him, or he just moved on to another morg. At least in my head it ended up in a Kung-Fu fight to the death.

Wes generally plays a Zealot in game, and comes across as a more PvE centric player. Although I think that is down to play time and not chose. He also seems very knowledgeable about Warhammer lore. A lot of the first sets of shows had plenty of excellent information on lore and story which I personally think is lacking in later shows. A few segments delved in War’s back story and how the chapters tried to flesh out that story. 

Brent throughout the majority of the shows plays a Black Orc and seems to act as the glue of the show. He provides information on Tome unlocks, and comes across as the happy medium between PvE and RvR.

Spencer main seems to be the Witch Elf and as well as Brent has been trying out the Choppa. His dry sense of humour and critical eye adds balance to the show. He also seems to be more RvR focused.

The shows format tries to follow a general what they like to call a battle plan and is balanced with information, entertainment and what is happening in the game. I think the pod cast gives a fare reflection of the game and the common player. Except me who general joyfully bouncing along in blissful ignorance (we have already established my none min/maxing), kicking stunties in the nuts, well until lately (casts an accusing glance at the War Buddy episode).

Just to reinforce this (a lot of the players currently playing in T4 RvR) they have recently added a new presenter Bill, who again is knowledgeable in RvR, but on an Alliance level.

I love the show and think it is relevant, informative and entertaining and an essential part of the War community.

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