Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scenario Groups

Since the late 30’s my scenario play time for my Chosen character was very limited as a way of levelling or gaining renown. The reasons were between have a pure tank spec, running in to premade groups and being shouted at when victory points were needed for a zone lock.

Joining a PUG group for a scenario would see me get a pitiful 300 renown points, which became the main goal once hitting 40. 

I have been in premade groups, well by premade I mean a few people on Ventrilo shouting at each other which really is not much of a step up from a PUG. 

The other night I actually got a step closer to a proper premade group, by this I mean a group which is focused, balance and using specific tactics. We had 6 people 2 Chosen, 2 Sorcerers, a healer and a Witch Elf. 

I recently re-spec my Chosen to be more of an anti caster/disruption build which you can be seen here. By no means would I call this THE spec as I am still feeling around for one to suit my taste and role.  If anyone has comments I would love to hear them.

Anyway, my job was to protect one of the Sorcerers with Guard and try to protect them when needed. While they got close up to the enemy when their morale 2 ability Focused Mind was able to be triggered and spammed there area of attack abilities. As my aim was disrupting/buff/protecting and not damage I found my focus and play style felt more rewarding and to my surprise substantially more rewarding in real terms. I saved my rank 3 and 4 morale abilities when things got a bit sticky for the Sorcerers health bar in the vain hope it would give the healer that little extra time, and it seemed to work on a number of occasions. 

So from my pitiful 300 renown points I was topping the scenario charts with 3.5K to 4.5K renown points while our side continuously held order at their own spawn point over 4 scenarios. I imagine this is probably old news for a lot of players, but to me it has been a revelation for my Chosen who now even in PUG’s glues himself to a DPS class. 

Also if you check out the WARP post cast episode 34 they also talk about how renown and experience is distributed in a group.

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