Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I spy

I was in a war band and we had been taking objectives in the tier 3 zones. But as we moved on to the next zone some of the objectives were flipping, reports came in a small order war band was in one of the zones. So again we went through each of zones again taking all the objectives making them destruction controlled.

Once complete, we were left with a war band and all destruction controlled objects, so while the war band stayed in the green skin zone the war band leader went to the chaos zone and I went to the elf zone. 10 minutes later all the zones were still destruction controlled and I was just about to fly back to the war band when I noticed a flag had flipped control, so I communicated this back to the war band and they started to wrap up what they where doing. 

I travelled to the next logical object and hid behind a tree so I could see when they arrived, they didn’t so I checked out the map again and they had travelled south. So I followed them there and approached the objective by hiding behind stone columns. I don’t think they saw me, at least they did not send anyone to attack me. I reported numbers, then direction once they left. On the way I was spotted a few chased me down and I spawned back at the camp. Just in time to meet the destruction war band arriving in the zone and we travelled straight to the objective the order war band where heading. They took the objective but we where there soon after to wipe them out and flip the objective again.

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