Sunday, 31 May 2009

Finding the right pants.

Does anyone else have trouble finding the right guild for them? You know the one with the racing strip and correctly warn holes...

The guys at Mythic have recently introduced the guild search functionality, which is excellent. I also wonder if we will ever get a Alliance/Guild Recruitment chat channel. 

Eve Online has one and it was always good to monitor the channel when you needed a new corporation. Even just to see what questions other people and guilds posted so you could further get an impression on what type of guild were out there.

The main problem is none of my friends play Warhammer and I am casual player. I get about 3 decent play sessions a week which is usually to little for the good organized guilds. So you end up looking at the casual guilds.

I find that the casual guilds end up being PvE focus looking for players to run the city dungeons. 

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